Electromart: A Name of Trust

The business approach of Electromart is simple; we put our customers first and foremost. We consider our customers as our business partners and friends rather than random names on the screen. Electromart is not business, it’s a family, and we take care of our every customer who comes through the door. This is the reason for the rapid growth of our business which now extends across Australia. We go to our last extent to offer our customers the most beautiful electrical products with the best price and personal touch.
We are trustworthy and quality driven manufacturers of LED downlights, chandeliers, alarm systems, home intercoms, oyster lights, and ceiling fans. Bathroom heaters and air conditioners are also one of our best products. We genuinely care about the security of our people and brings you the most trusted security cameras and smoke alarms; No business on Security! We genuinely care.
Electromart proudly presents the best LED downlights. LED is all about warmth and our LED downlights brightens the room with peaceful and warm lights the moment you switch them on.
Whether you want to sit in your living room and read a book or consider amusing your wife with amazing cooking in the kitchen, Electromart has got your back. With a wide variety of familiar bulb shapes and instant glare, now you can create a comfortable environment in every corner of your house.
We know you have a beautiful house and we bet you have a more beautiful wife and children. If you are worried about their security, Electromart totally understands your concern. We offer you the most reliable and top quality and security cameras and smoke alarms. Our cameras and alarms are dependable and ensure the security of our customers at its most.

Whether you want to call your servant at midnight for a quick tea or you want to ask about a sudden noise coming from your kids’ room, our home intercoms can solve your problem. We do not believe in charging our customers heavily under the pretext of good quality. Our Home intercoms are best in quality and reasonable in price. So, take a deep breath and sit back. It’s Sunday! Let the intercom work for you.
Chandeliers add to the visual impact of the room. Electromart offers chandeliers in various varieties. Our crystal chandeliers are best for formal use such as dining room and entrance. Other than crystal chandeliers, we also have fluorescent, incandescent, and various LED designs. With a large variety of chandeliers, you can add romance to your bedrooms, style to your living rooms and light to other vacant areas of your house.
If you are confused in choosing different chandeliers, we advise you to ask yourself simple questions; how much light do you want? Do you want general lighting or ambient lighting? If you are still confused, we suggest you select a design which offers more light. Do not forget to choose the right size for your chandelier. To look attractive, chandeliers should hang 30 to 34 inches in rooms with 8” ceilings.
For more information just call us - we're here to help!